Sunday, April 5, 2009

To sea...

Lucy Muir: I don't know anything about the sea, except that it is romantic.
Captain Gregg: Hmm. That's what all landsmen think. Seamen know better.
Lucy Muir: Then why do they go to sea?
Captain Gregg: Because they haven't the sense to stay ashore.

--from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947


  1. :) hahahahaha! I like it! The sea can be romantic, but mostly it's adventure. hence, pirates. (sigh) wish I could sail around the world. one of the things I'll do, if I ever become immortal. :)

  2. My great-grandfather was a merchant seaman who was lost when his ship disappeared in shark-infested waters off the coast of Florida, so I have a healthy respect for the sea. I love it, though, and I especially love the seashore at dawn and again at dusk. Sailing is quite an adventure; I've sailed on Lake Ponchartrain in New Orleans, though never on the open sea. Maybe some day...:-)