Sunday, October 4, 2009

Over all

As I was walking this afternoon, I saw a green and brown kaleidoscope of leaves blanketing the shallow waters of the creek. Autumn has returned; and while it seems as if it was only a few months ago, a year has passed since I last saw such a leafy picture below the little bridge. The words from an old sundial, some of my favorites, come to mind:

Time flies; suns rise; shadows fall.

Let time go by: Love is forever over all.

Our time on earth is finite, and all the more precious because it is limited. The idylls of our lives come and go, and the joys wax and wane. But each of us is here this very moment because Love wills it so. God is Love; and all that is good is from Him and of Him. He is Love, and Love is infinite. Seasons come and go as Love wills it; and everything good is before us. Let time go by:

Love is forever over all.