Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whit Tuesday

"Be kind, be kind, and you will be saints."



  1. St. John the Apostle was asked by his disciples, "Why is it that all you talk about is love when you teach?! Can't we hear about some other subject like other teachers of the Gospel give?!" He replied, "If you know love, if you love, nothing more is needed. That is why ALL I talk about is love." Peace to you sister!

  2. Hello. I was just checking out new blogs and came across yours and really like it so I became a follower. Feel free to come check out mine if you like. Have a nice night.

  3. Thank you for your words, dear brother, which resonate so clearly. Kindness begets kindness, and love begets love. I'm glad this made you smile, Oddyoddyo13, and thank you for writing! Welcome, Lauralee, and I am now following your very nice blog! May God bless you all.