Monday, June 14, 2010

Forsake thyself

Forsake thyself, resign thyself, and thou shalt enjoy a great inner peace.  Give all for all;  seek nothing;  call for nothing back;  stand purely and with a full confidence before Me, and thou shalt possess Me.

--from The Following Of Christ


  1. Lord Jesus, YOu offered Your body and soul, in great agony, terrible torment and unrelenting suffering and sorrow - for Love of God and for love of us (for me). What can I say in response to this priceless gift of Yourself? You only want to give me more and more of Yourself. How do I receive You? It is in offering myself. The more fully I can offer myself to You the more fully I can receive You into my wounded and lonly heart. Jesus, I say yes to You - yes to death in this world with faith that it will bring me eternal life now and forever. Thank You Lord for showing me the way and loving me so completely. You are too wonderful! Thank You Jesus! Amen

  2. This was very powerful and breathtaking.

    I like the new layout, by the way.

  3. jesus rocks I love him and trust him with my life

  4. Thank you all for your very nice comments. I'm so glad that you like the layout, Oddyoddyo13; I wasn't eager to change it, but now that I have, I like it, too. May God bless you all.