Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima

“The Lord told us that the Church will always be suffering in various ways, up to the end of the world. The important point is that the message, the answer of Fatima, is not substantially addressed to particular devotions, but is the fundamental response: permanent conversion, penance, prayer, and the three cardinal virtues: faith, hope and charity.” 
--Pope Benedict XVI at Fatima, 2010


  1. a simple but beautiful image and a short but concise statement . . . it's all so simple, really. . .if only more would do what Our Lady asks. . .

  2. Love Pope Benedict. He always gets to the heart of the matter with such clarity and simplicity. Thank you so much for posting this. Our Lady of Fatima was (and is) very important to me. As a little girl in the early 1950s, I wanted Mary to appear to me as she did to the three children. Didn't happen, but I am very attached to her.