Thursday, October 7, 2010

The rosary

"The rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow of this world, and open on the substance of the next. The power of the rosary is beyond description."
-- Archbishop Fulton Sheen
Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for us.


  1. Yes, Mary! Please pray for us.

  2. I do believe that "the power of the rosary is beyond description". I attest to the fact that praying the rosary has changed my view of the spiritual world and of this world as well. It has opened my inner eyes to that which I had not seen before.

  3. There are some beauties you feel lucky to have witnessed, and that is one of them.