Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Fill the walls of your homes with beautiful art, fill the ears of your family with beautiful music, fill the souls of your children with beautiful stories, and there will be no room left for the insipid, the warped, the ugly, and the faithless.
--Father Anthony J. Brankin


  1. Now, THIS is true.
    On my way to my office a few minutes ago, I overheard a young female student, about 20 years old, use a coarse word, and as I've often thought, there was once a time when a young woman her age would never have used such language.
    We have so accustomed ourselves to ugliness and coarseness that it has become the accepted norm, and even the mouths of young women have become filled with ugliness.
    But this post contains the answer, if we would be heed it!

  2. I love the words of Father Anthony Brankin. We must fill our senses, our thoughts, our very beings with beauty of all sorts. The picture you have posted nearly takes my breath away. How can one look upon that and then say something ugly or think something ugly? One cannot! If we tuck the beauty of God's Word deep into our hearts, then only beauty will leave our lips.