Monday, March 21, 2011

Feast of Saint Benedict

Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.
--Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict, pray for us.


  1. Ah yes. The ear of the heart is the best way to "hear". I once had a discussion with a person who argued that the Bible says you have to "hear" the Word of God. I told her that you do not need the ears to "hear" this kind of Word. You can read it!! You can feel it. You can pray it. You can absorb it through daily life in a hundred different ways. This quote also says that we must not only listen with that inner ear of our hearts, but also to attend. This broadens the concept of hearing into a category which allows action to follow. Thank you Kindred Spirit for yet another fabulous quote.

  2. Thank YOU Hannah for a fabulous amplification of the fabulous quote!

    St. Benedict, pray for us.

  3. That is the only way to learn...such a beautiful quote.