Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A world of action

This is a world of action, and not for moping and droning in.
--Charles Dickens


  1. Now THIS is a true statement that MANY of us need to pay attention to!

  2. The bicycle means you are going places. The basket means you can add flowers and pretty things along the way. Going from one place to another is what it is all about. I do prefer to take along some sweet smelling roses as I ride along the path God has put in front of me.

  3. Indeed, Robert, for as we know, love is proved by deeds; and it is our mission in this life to love God and to love others as God loves us. Hannah, your words are always so very wise. Roses are wonderful flowers to take along the way! Thank you both for your comments, and may God bless you and your dear ones.