Friday, January 27, 2012

Our guardian angels

Our guardian angels are not of the earth; they are from Heaven. Conversation with them leads the soul to a knowledge and appreciation of the things of the spirit, since they themselves are pure spirits and inflamed with love of the Creator.
--David P. McAstocker, S.J.


  1. Thanks for this post. I needed a reminder to speak more with my guardian angel. God bless!

  2. Guardian angels are a beautiful gift and can assist us in times of need. I know several individuals who have called on their guardian angels, myself included, when in a quandary. I especially recall a blizzard on Christmas day. My daughter, then in her teens, went outside to play with one of her friends. As the storm escalated, I opened the front door to caution them but they were no where in sight. Frightened, I jumped in my car and set off to find my daughter. The snow was falling heavily and the roads were unplowed. To compound matters, it was growing dark. As I turned onto the main road, the car wheels spun but lost their grip in the deep snow. The car would not move forward or backward. Bewildered and panicked, I asked my guardian angel for assistance. A short time later, I noticed headlights descending the hill towards my car. It was a plow! Amazingly, there were no cars behind it. I maneuvered the car onto the paved path, driving up hill on the wrong side of the street. Still unable to locate my daughter, I decided to go home, hoping she had already returned. Darkness had fallen as I managed to turn the car around and drive back down the paved side of the street. (BTW - the plow never turned around to plow the other side). Pulling into the street where we reside, the wheels spun as the car fishtailed through deep snow back to the house. My daughter was still not home. Once again, I called upon my guardian angel asking for the safe return of my daughter. Tears froze on my cheeks as I tried to shovel a path up the driveway. Suddenly, through the rapidly falling snow, I noticed the outline of someone walking down the block. It was my daughter!

    Since then, I have sent my guardian angel on missions of mercy, asking him to assist someone else. I have also entrusted to my guardian angel, the list of all those people who have asked for my prayers. That has enabled me to assign one decade of the rosary each night to "those on my prayer list".

    When life brings us down, our guardian angels can lift us up. They pray for us before the Lord. What a beautiful gift is our guardian angel.

  3. You don't often hear about Guardian Angels in Sunday sermons.

    Mine works over-time looking after me.

    God bless.

  4. Thank you very much, Clare; I think that we all need these reminders of just how much our dear angels do for us. Anonymous, your story is so very beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us here: it is a perfect illustration of what a great grace Almighty God has given to us in our guardian angels. Thank you, too, Victor. I know exactly what you mean when you write about your angel working over-time. Surely only Heaven knows what a debt we owe our dear angels! May Almighty God bless you all.