Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The future

But the future must be met, however stern and iron it be. 
--Elizabeth Gaskell


  1. What a lovely piece of imagery, and especially appealing to me just at the moment. Thankyou :)
    [Valerie, NZ]

  2. Dear, dear Kindred Spirit, I can hardly believe my eyes! I don't know what made me click on to this site today after all this time, but I sure am glad that I did. I have missed you very much. I still have the little book you sent me ages ago (I Believe in Love). You have made my day a happy one today. I shall be clicking on here again every day. God bless you, dear heart. Love, Hannah

  3. This speaks to me as if saying, "step out in faith".

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Kindred Spirit, please read the comment I wrote on Catholic Spirituality Blog Network under "Creating a community through your blog". It pertains to you.

  5. Dear Kindred Spirit,
    I wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy and Blessed New Year.
    With affection and gratitude,
    your Friend,