Saturday, November 1, 2014

Feast of All Saints

 Our Church is the Church of the saints. If one approaches her with distrust, one sees only closed doors, barriers and fences, a sort of spiritual police force. But our Church is the Church of the saints. To become a saint, what bishop would not give up his ring, his mitre and his crozier; what cardinal his purple; what pope his white robe, his chamberlains, his Swiss Guard and all his temporal power? Who would not want to have the strength to embark on this wonderful adventure? It is indeed the only adventure. --George Bernanos


  1. Mr. Bernanos is so absolutely right with these words. Any bishop, any cardinal worth his salt would in a moment give up any honor and riches for this grand adventure. I am certain of it.

    1. Thank you very much, Robert, for your beautiful comment, and please forgive me for taking so long to reply. Yes, I would agree with you. May this new year be filled with just this sort of adventure for us all!