Monday, February 2, 2009

Candlemas thoughts

"Candles are beautiful symbols of our sacrifices. They are like living things. They eat and drink the wax from the bees, made collectively in association with sweetness. They breathe air. They move in their flames as they flicker. They communicate to our eyes a beautiful light and give contrast to their surroundings by illumination. They burn out at the end of their span. So do we. They are consumed for the Lord in the liturgy. So should we be. We do all these things..."

--Father John Zuhlsdorf


There is something so lovely in candlelight:
warm and tender, and just bright enough
to show the shapes and forms of its surroundings,
a caressing glow which shows the softer side of things.
Holy, pure and white--candlelight is lovers' light.

Nobly done

"Nothing of what is nobly done is ever lost."

--Charles Dickens