Monday, August 3, 2009

Flower Song

It was not so long ago,
though the memory is fading;
there are moments when
I still can feel your touch.
This much I remember:
once upon a time,
you held me to your heart
where I could have stayed forever.
I felt so safe and warm.
Your arms were my strong refuge,
and time stood still for us.
But suddenly you let go,
and I fell into the cold.
Feeling frozen, numbed
by your indifference, I lay still.
I never knew you until then:
so much I hadn't seen.
I had been so very wrong about you.
And some may take the crumbs,
but the crumbs are not for me.
Because love is giving wholly,
and giving without end.
I will never bend to less;
my love is worth much more.
So it is firmly in my mind,
this much I know:
that the only one who'll hold me
must be strong and good,
steadfast and sure.
He will have fire in his heart
instead of snow.


"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

--French proverb

Safe within its branches...

"Friendship is a sheltering tree. "

--Samuel Taylor Coleridge