Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feast of Saint Andrew

"Rejoice, O Isaiah, and receive the Word of God.
Prophesy to Mary the Maiden.
She is the Burning Bush unconsumed by the fire of divinity." 
Adorn yourself, O Bethlehem.
Enter, O Magi, and see salvation swaddled in a crib.
Behold the star shining above the cave;
It announces the life-giving Lord who saves the human race.

Tell us, O Joseph, how you led the Virgin
Into the Bethlehem cave.
'After searching the scriptures and hearing the angel', he says,
'I am certain that Mary will wondrously give birth to God
Whom the wise men from the East will worship,
Offering to him their precious gifts'.

[Hymns from Vespers for the Feast of Saint Andrew]