Monday, November 22, 2010

Feast of Saint Cecilia

For music, I must think, was given
To be of higher life a token,
The language by the angels spoken,
The native tongue of heaven!
--Christopher Pearse Cranch in "The Music of Nature" 
Saint Cecilia, pray for us. 


  1. As the director of a church choir that sings sacred polyphony and chant, I could not agree more with this passage. And I love this painting. Thank you for putting the two of them together.

  2. This was so beautiful! I loved how the picture and the quote blended together-it was magnificent.

  3. Music - "the native tongue of heaven". Lovely. This means a bit more to me than it might to most people. I am deaf, however I have been given the gift of hearing through a cochlear implant. For the first 6 months I could not tolerate the sound of music at all. Now I am beginning to savor it. First came the harp and now the piano. Ah yes, a bit of heaven, for sure! I love the painting too.